Hair Weaving Treatment

Hair Weaving Treatment is a baldness treatment includes the hair addition to cover the baldness or patches. This process is the best treatment of gaining hair back for those patients, who do not want to undergo any of the surgical procedures of hair loss due to their skin condition or have any contraindication for Hair transplant surgery.

What is Hair Weaving Treatment?

This is a safe and effective option to add human or synthetic hair as per the demands of the patients. Hair weaving treatment is designed to cover large areas of baldness with patches of hair that resemble your existing hair. This nonsurgical technique which is carried our very well at hair weaving clinic, includes the fixing of patches of hair into your scalp to make them merge well with the existing hairs.

Hair Weaving Treatment Procedure

Hair weaving procedure can be easily done on both men and women, suffering from hair loss or baldness at a good hair weaving clinic in Delhi. Patches of hairs that bear a resemblance to your existing hairs are attached to the scalp using glue or clips. The treatment is done by professionals to give this hair patch a very natural and original look. Hair weaving is just a lunch time procedure which is completed in just an hour and hair according to the taste and requirement of the patient can be placed very easily onto the scalp. This hair system can be glued, clipped, or weaved to the natural existing hair according to the patients requirements. A Good hair clinic in Delhi takes utmost care to know all the requirements of the patients and then suggest a hair weaving option to them.

Advantages of Hair Weaving Treatment and Procedure:

  • The process allows patients to add as much as volume and length to their hair.
  • Patients are allowed to get desired color, texture as well as style of hair
  • Non-surgical process involves the addition of hair to bald areas
  • Large areas can be covered easily
  • A painless treatment that can be done in an hour’s time
  • Can be applied on patients who have no donor area left
  • A completely non-invasive procedure
  • High density can be achieved
  • Immediate cost is much less than any other hair transplant procedure

Disadvantages Of hair weaving procedure:

  • It gives a fixed look to the patients
  • It is not a permanent hair loss solution
  • The implanted hair is tend to loose and fall

Some patients misunderstand hair weaving & hair transplantation. They think that both the processes are same. But, they are totally different as transplantation make you get permanent natural growing hair that can be cut shaved or trimmed. On the other hand, hair weaving is mere a wig/patch/system that is pasted or fixed on scalp to give a same look or fixed looks to the patients.The hair present on the patch cannot be trimmed or cut by the patient himself. He should visit a salon or hair weaving clinic to get the hair cut and the necessary touch ups done.

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