Long Hair Transplant

Long Hair Transplant Surgery is a ground-breaking transplantation method ideal for those patients, who need good volume of hair within the shortest possible time. This surgery is considered as the best option for people, who have to attend any important event or function like marriage within next 15 to 20 days. The hair usually starts falling within 3 months but also re-grow like a normal FUT surgery.

Advantages of Long Hair Transplant Surgery

There are a number of advantages of this therapy that make it one of the popular hair restoration methods in special conditions. Some of them are:

  • Immediate results with complete natural look
  • Hassle free and comfortable postoperative period than other transplant procedures
  • Within 10 to 15 days, you can have full volume of hair
  • Only one session of transplant is required to restore hair immediately
  • Affordable Long Hair Transplant Cost and price
  • Transplanted hair tend to fall within 3 months, however, they keep on growing afterwards like a normal FUT surgery after this duration.

Long hair transplant is really a difficult hair transplant surgery to perform. You can enjoy its complete benefits, when you have it at right place.

Satya Hair Clinic is a trusted service provider of Long Hair Transplant In Delhi. At Satya, Dr. Shaiil Gupta and his team promise you to go back home with long hair without spending much money. The experienced doctors and surgeons have been successfully performing varied hair transplantation surgeries. During this procedure, the specialized doctors implant long hairs without cutting them to let patients see the final result of hair transplant immediately after the surgery. With advanced tools and machines, they have been executing revolutionary surgeries with unmatched precision that make their patients able to return home with satisfied results.

The clinic offers lowest Hair Transplant Cost with guaranteed skill, precision and astuteness. The determination and competence of every team member provide complete assurance to the patients. From the first meeting to patients to the last session after surgery, everything is done with complete care and concern for the benefits of patients. The proven track record of team’s capabilities definitely shows the success rate in productively and efficiently performing this procedure.