Direct Stimulated Follicular Transplant (DSFT Technique)

A revolutionary technique and method of Direct Stimulated Follicular Transplant is the result of hard work and years of research by Dr. Shaiil Gupta. This Latest Hair Transplant Technique is advancement over follicular unit transplantation (FUE) & direct hair transplantation (DHT). Devised and patented by Dr. Shaiil Gupta after utmost research and efforts, DSFT has become very popular amongst hair transplant patients. This New Hair Transplant Procedure is not only a method of hair transplantation, but also a sure shot way to bring back lost confidence and youth of people.

Satya Hair Clinic has been performing this Latest Hair Transplant Method, since last 2 years with utmost precision and success. Dr. Shaiil and his team have been giving another life to the bald people of all age and both sex. With this revolutionary technology, Satya ensures 100% natural results with matchless hair growth.

DSFT is a Latest Hair Transplant Technique which includes the implantation of hair using advanced technology and tools. In this surgery, the grafts are activated using precise & specialized bio-stimulation technique. These activated grafts are then placed in the pre prepared holes or graft beds at the receiver area. This is done without wasting any time so that the average time for which the grafts remain outside your body is minimized.

This New Hair Transplant Procedure not only enhances the graft survival rate but also boosts the quality of hair which grow later significantly.

Advantages of Latest Hair Transplant Method

  • Improved and better than any other hair transplantation technique
  • Ensures thicker hair growth than other technique.
  • The growth rate of hair is faster
  • Excellent hair coverage is seen in just 4 to 5 months.
  • Fast and natural healing of donor area
  • 100% natural and original looks
  • Totally safe and painless surgery
  • More than 4000 grafts can be done in a single session