Follicular Unit Extraction Transplant (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Treatment is a safe, result oriented and less invasive hair transplantation method used with apparent absence of scar in the donor area. This scar less FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi has become the first choice of every patient as it leaves no residues at all. In addition, patients can easily pursue their normal life almost immediately after the surgical process.

Those people, who have smaller patches of baldness on their head, FUE treatment has been proving to be a win-win solution. During FUE hair transplant, a small numbers of grafts have to be taken out without shaving off the donor area completely. The donor area is shaved off in layers to make it remain hidden well under the remaining hair. As FUE hair transplant treatment cost in Delhi is a bit higher than any other method, you should always consult a reliable doctor and surgeon for this treatment who could provide this treatment at an affordable and cheaper price.

Advantage of FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

  • The prime advantage of FUE is its natural and fast healing of the donor area as compared to strip surgery. In just a week, the crusts fall & identification of the grafts becomes impossible.
  • Patients having no donor area at the back side of head can also use body or beard hair as donor.
  • Post operation period is very comfortable.
  • Patient can resume the routine activities from the very next day.
  • Vigorous exercises can also be started after 1 week.
  • No pain, scars and visible clues

Satya Hair Clinic is a trusted destination of FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi. We provide high quality and permanent hair transplantation results to all our patients. Committed to treat every single patient individually with complete care and concern, we have been meeting all their aspirations.

Salient features of Satya’s technique of FUE Treatment Cost

  • Specially designed titanium punches and ergo metric motorized machine are used for extracting grafts
  • Fast and precise surgery with minimal graft transaction rate.
  • Punches of 0.7 to 1.0 mm in size are used to make the donor area healing faster in future.
  • More than 2500 cases of FUE are executed successfully
  • More than 3.5 million hair grafted effectively
  • Meticulously devised anesthesia technique is used to make the surgery highly comfortable, painless and safe
  • A comprehensive range of Follicular Unit Extraction  or FUE Treatment is provided with treatments of hair restoration and sustenance of the existing hair.
  • No shaving off the entire head. The hair is only cut short in donor area.
  • Donor area remains covered with hair with our surgery
  • Affordable FUE Hair Transplant treatment Cost in India

More Information on FUE (Follicular unit extraction) treatment cost

Nowadays people are becoming bald at an early age because of the genetic reasons, pollution, stress, food adulteration, and sometimes wrong treatment. As everybody is very comfortable with Google so they start searching for remedies on internet. They read a lot about hair transplant and FUE cost but are not able to take a good decision regarding the surgery.

For the patients point of view these are the following criteria that everybody should look for before deciding upon their FUE hair transplant surgery and clinic in Delhi:

  • Doctor owned clinic and not a franchise based centre, which aims only at earning profit.
  • Their website and patient gallery. The patient gallery should have all the cases with serial pictures of the patient, Only one before and after photograph can befool the patient very nicely.
  • Treatment options should be given. FUT & FUE both the surgery pros & cons should be told to the patient before starting the treatment
  • Correct assessment of number of grafts and many more…

These are some of the few points which a patient should definitely look for before deciding his FUE hair transplant surgery. Because in the name of low cost FUE people get some disaster done on their scalp and then they regret their decision of low cost FUE. Somebody who is offering you a low cost FUE, means they are compromising with the quality as well. So be very careful and be very wise in choosing your hair transplant clinic. Cost should not be the whole sole criterion to choose your hair transplant clinic.

Low FUE cost can prove to be very costly.