FUE Treatment in Kamla Nagar

Hair loss cases are increasing day by day. In early stages of baldness medicines definitely help, but beyond a point medicine doesn’t work. In such high grades of baldness one has to go for the other options. Hair transplant is a very good option which can give you permanent solution for baldness and can redefine your looks.
There are many methods of transplant which include Follicular unit transplant, follicular unit extraction(FUE), body hair transplant (BHT), Synthetic hair implant and hair weaving.

Out of these treatments FUE treatment has gained a lot of popularity. FUE treatment is really easy for the patient and avoids the surgical cut and a lot of hassle.

FUE treatment includes extraction of grafts from the donor area with the help of specialized machines and equipments. The donor area can be the back of head which is the case in most of the cases, since these hair are permanent and are not affected by hair loss. The advantage of FUE treatment is that we can extract hair from the other donor areas also in case there is not sufficient hair in the head to be used as donor. Other donor areas include beard, chest, pubic, under arm, back and leg.

FUE treatment can make the procedure very much flexible and can be customized to patients need. Another advantage of FUE treatment is the short recovery time which is always an edge.

FUE treatment also gives you options to choose the type of hair for example if we want to do eyebrow transplant we need real thin fine hair which can be extracted from the nape of neck. This is only possible with FUE treatment.
FUE treatment needs a lot of expertise as the hairline creation with FUE is little difficult. But at Satya we have been doing FUE treatment for more than 8 years now and beautiful transformations we have brought in our patients lives with successful FUE treatment. Please consult DrRuchi for our clinic based in Kamla Nagar to take an appointment for FUE treatment.

FUE treatment can really do miracles if done properly. Satya clinic at Kamla Nagarhas been really fortunate to be a part of many patients’ journey from baldness to boldness.

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