Hair loss Treatment in PitamPura

Hair loss is such a common problem these days affecting both males and females equally. The prevalence is increasing day by day probably due to the stress, pollution and food adulteration definitely playing a part.
As the number of patients affected by hair loss is increasing, the requirement of service providers providing hair loss treatment is also increasing who are providing hair loss treatment. This has led to tremendous increase in the number of clinics offering hair loss treatment.
Hair loss treatment is a very tricky and only a doctor a trained dermatologist can do this. But these days we see all kind of beauty parlors and commercial franchise centers are doing hair loss treatment. The patient generally gets influenced by the branding, comforting lies and discount offers and falls trap to these clinics. In name of hair loss treatment such clinics only make fool of the patient and mint money.
The patient not only loses his money but the crucial time and eventually hair are lost because he stays away from the actual hair loss treatment.
The condition has to be diagnosed first in order to treat hair loss. There are many types of hair loss which actually don’t require any treatment at all or require very minimal treatments. These conditions recover on their own and we come across so many patients getting treatments and packages from such centers.
Hair loss treatment includes medicines for topical application and some oral medicines also depending upon the condition. In some patients certain procedures are required like laser for hair re growth, Dermaroller, PRP and many others. The type of hair loss treatment is chosen carefully according to the patient’s requirement. In advance cases of baldness, hair replacement is the only option.
This includes surgical hair replacement and nonsurgical hair replacement. Nonsurgical is hair weaving where a patch is used to cover the bald area. While surgical hair loss treatment includes natural hair transplant and synthetic hair implant. Natural hair transplant is of two types FUT and FUE. Here the hair is taken from the back of head or other body parts of the individual and are transplanted in the bald area.
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