Hair Restoration Surgery

Today’s technology is far more advanced than what it was years back from the traditional punch grafting method which would leave plugs in the scalp, leaving subpar results. There are also patients who have arrived at our clinic having undertaken Hair Restoration graft surgeries from less experienced clinics and corporates that can be detrimental to the patient. The decisions are usually driven by low costs and patients are in turn unaware of the sparse quality of transplants.

Live cases handled by Satya Hair Clinic

Abnormal FUE: Patient misinformed that they would have FUE surgeries where about 3000 grafts would be placed at a time. But patient would have no more than 800 to 1000 grafts and do not have the kind of growth that is expected. FUE takes a lot of time and requires skill, patience and finesse. A bad FUE transplant can leave the patient with minimal and poor hair growth in the recipient area with visible scarring noticed both in the donor as well as recipient areas.

Abnormal FUT: Patient underwent an abnormal FUT surgery which left the patient with visible and abnormal scarring due to improper trychophytic closure. A trychophytic closure is a specific kind of closure which attempts to have a growth of hair follicles even at the scar. When the trychophytic closure is successful, there is full hair growth noticed even at the scarline camouflaging it and making it less visible. When this is not achieved, there is a high risk of cyst formation, ingrowth of hair and wrong direction of hair growth – too superior or too inferior angulations.

Cloning procedures, stem cell therapies and mesotherapy: Patients were assured of excellent results through cloning procedure, stem cell therapies and mesotherapy. These treatments are not completely effective in transplantation of hair because none of these equate actual hair follicle transplantation. Where these might be superficially helpful in cases of mild hair loss.

Hairline Correction: Patients with straight and very low or high hairlines especially at the temples, can get their hairline done in an artistic and very natural way at Satya Hair Clinic .Issues like wrong angulations of hair, poor density, patchy hair growth and receded hairline can also be restored in just a single session.

The difficulties of repair surgery

Extraction and implantation: There is increased fibrosis and scarring in both donor and recipient sites that can make extraction and implantation of grafts extremely difficult. There is limited supply of donor hair to induce full fertility of the recipient site.

Increased sensitivity: Patient can get increasingly sensitive to numb the area due to excessive scarring from the previous surgery. This could result in decreased rate of survival of the graft.

Incorrect angulations: Previously implanted hairs are usually at irregular angles and directions. There are also visible punches in some of the cases with patients displaying unnaturally low hairlines.

Patient Morale: The patient who has already undergone a previous hair transplantation surgery possesses extremely low morale and loss of confidence – firstly due to appearance and secondly due to poor experiences of a prior surgery. Clinics and commercial centers that perform such substandard surgeries fail to see the almost irreparable damages that are caused to the patient’s psyche and that it could take a lot of counseling and rehabilitation before repair surgery is undertaken.

The pre-requisites of a repair surgery

Surgical skills are a definite prerequisite to a repair surgery due to its complexity and apparent damage. Only experienced surgeons should undertake repair surgeries.

A skilful surgeon must also possess a skilful team that can guide and execute the repair procedure with precision.

A clinic should own advanced equipment to execute hair repair and hair restoration surgeries in Delhi due to the paucity in donor supply. It might me essential to combine two or more procedures to achieve optimal results.

Repair surgeries are complex and very challenging due to the damage already caused to the scalp from prior surgeries. Besides it causes a severe loss of self-esteem and takes recurrent counseling sessions to restore confidence in hair transplantation and its benefits. Poor hair transplantations are at a risk of formation of subdermal cysts due to failure of extraction of all grafts, improper quantity of tumescence , improper usage of blunt punches and poor expertise of the surgeon.

Satya Hair Clinic, under the guidance and expertise of Dr. Shaiil Gupta has performed more than 400 such repair surgeries successfully over the past few years.

No donor area? Less time? Low budget?
We get a lot of cases with lost/small donor area. Satya is the only clinic where you get all the treatment options including FUT, FUE, Body hair, Synthetic hair, PRP or hair weaving. According to the requirement, time constraint, budget and availability of donor area these treatments can be combined.

Worried about pain?
Satya’s patented Zero pain anesthesia™ assures you of a comfortable experience.

Is the result going to look natural?
Satya’s USP is Mimic nature hairline™ which assures you of 100% natural looking results.

Have Some Doubts?
You can meet patients who have undergone transplant at our center.

Have your transplant gone bad, are you looking for Repair Surgery?
With an increase in the number of transplant centers, the cases of transplant failure are also on a rise. Are you also a victim of false claims and lost you precious time, money and donor area.