Hair Transplant FAQ

What is your criterion for choosing the hair transplant centre, costing or quality?

The results of transplant surgery are permanent, so are the side effects. If not done properly, the permanent donor hair is lost forever & whatever hair grows, they remain badly placed for the rest of your life. So sometimes saving small amount of money and compromising with the quality can prove to be very costly.

Are you really getting the same number of grafts, you have been promised?

It is really difficult to cross check the exact number of grafts. It is a very common practice these days to over promise the number of grafts to reduce the apparent costing to the patient. Beware of such things because you end up paying more for a very low quality work. At Satya, you are given every single graft by counting. You get true value for money you spend & Satya quality is unmatched.

Are you sure that the pictures shown on the sites are real patient pictures?

It is easy to create fake pictures. you must see the photo gallery carefully. In genuine clinics you will find pre op pics, pic during the procedure and some sequential pictures of the progress of transplant. The pictures should be of high definition. In most of the clinics you will find either just one or two pre and post op pictures. The quality, light and photography tricks can be easily identified with a little attention. In many pictures you may find the use of some hair fibre or powder to give more dense look.

Spend some time and carefully analyze the pictures as result is the single most important factor for which the entire procedure is being done.

Have you got the opportunity to meet some patients who have undergone surgery at the same clinic?

We at Satya clinic respect patient’s privacy. But yes we do have some patients who are willing to meet or talk about their transplantation experience with us and so we will be happy to give you the contact details and they will love to share their experience with you.

Does the clinic offer you any test patch facility?

Satya Clinic offers you to undergo a trial test patch of 100 Hair Transplant by FUE technique. You can wait for these hairs to grow before going in for a large session of transplant. You will feel more comfortable to go ahead for a bigger session of transplant as the procedure is very easy and painless.

Things to notice with the test patch:

  • The ease and comfort of the procedure.
  • Actual hair growth, the angles at which the grafts have been placed & the natural looks.
  • The healing at donor and recipient time & the expected final results can also be estimated.

Only good clinics, having confidence in their ability will do the test patch.

Are you making correct decision, while choosing an FUE only or mesotherapy only clinic?

There are many clinics which only offer one kind of service to the patient for example there are many FUE only clinics these days. But there are cases where just one treatment modality is not sufficient and a combination approach is better. At times patients don’t have enough donor hair left. But the centers offering only FUE surgery deprive you of other possible treatments.

Are you falling prey to fake claims like unlimited graft offer?

There is nothing called unlimited. Generally such clinics are run by untrained people & they do a very small number of grafts which they can do on that day. So you end up paying lot more than what you actually think.

Does the centre you are choosing has a proven track record?

It is really important to know the level of satisfaction, patients have with the transplant procedure.

Is the center you are choosing, run by a doctor?

These days there are many centers which are run by businessmen which hire technicians or some less qualified doctors to do the surgery. Commitment & quality of work are really questionable at such centers. At Satya Dr. Gupta is the main surgeon who is the director of the clinic.

Does the centre you are choosing, provide training facility to the doctors?

Satya Institute is a well-known clinic where we keep focusing on continuity of education. Doctors come from all over India to receive training on different procedures of Hair Transplant Surgery and Skin treatments from Dr. Shaiil Gupta.

Does your transplant clinic provides you post-transplant care for your existing hair?

Your natural hair is also as important as your transplanted hair. At Satya we do take care of your natural hair against hair fall. Medicine Treatment as well as Procedural treatments Like PRP, Needle less Mesotherapy is done after hair transplant to save your natural hair.

Does the clinic you are choosing can do repair surgeries?

Repair surgery is a very challenging task to perform as we face a lot of difficulties like depleted donor hair and scarring. At Satya we love challenges and because of years of expertise and innovative techniques we are able to do wonders in repair cases also.