Laser Comb Treatment

Hair Laser Treatment is one of the reckoned therapies that help hair regrowth and improve the growth rate of transplanted hair. This advanced and reliable technology is also recognized as photo-biostimulation. The miraculous Laser Comb Treatment For Hair Loss is ideal to deliver energy to the hair follicle that in turn increases the blood flow and circulation in the scalp. This process revitalizes the broken and damage hair follicle to improve the thickness and texture of hair.

The laser hair comb Process

The Laser Treatment For Baldness is done very precisely and carefully. It is done using high technology lasers as well as light sources to carefully and effectively treat areas of unnecessary hair. The process is carried out with least patient discomfort and complications than any other hair loss methods. In various lasers types, they are equipped with cooling device to reduce the anxiety ad guard the top skin layer from extreme heat. Laser sends precise and concentrated light beams through the skin to absorb by the melanin of the hair follicle shafts.

Advantages of Laser Comb Treatment For Hair Loss: 

  • The process improves the blood circulation in the roots
  • It stimulates scalp for improving the hair regrowth rate.
  • It is completely safe, painless & effective treatment
  • It prevents further hair loss
  • It increases the thickness and quality of existing roots
  • It can easily combine with other hair transplant methods to improve the final outcome

Results of Laser Treatment For Baldness

  • From 10 to 25 percent hair growth reduction is expected with every treatment.
  • The ratio and percentage of the removed hairs per session is changed as per the body location. The area with thinner-skinned areas generally responds better than the thick-skinned areas like chin, back, etc.
  • Treatment has to be repeated in four to eight weeks.
  • Patients should avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen with 30 or higher Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Satya Hair Clinic provides valuable and cost effective Hair Laser Treatment to make patients benefitted from this latest hair regrowth therapy. At Satya, we employ modern laser technology and equipment to carry out the treatment. In addition, doctors and surgeons of Stay have attained expertise combining this process with other hair transplant procedures to get high quality results.