Follicular Unit Transplant

In FUT Treatment (Follicular unit transplant), we remove a strip of skin and stitch it back by Trichophytic closure having absorbable and non absorbable sutures.

The same strip which is removed for FUT hair transplant undergoes slivering and individual hair follicular units are separated out of it under high magnification microscopes. These follicular units are then transplanted in the tiny slits prepared in the scalp wherever it is required. This type of treatment not only gives you natural look but also give you healthy grafts. The results of FUT hair transplant in Delhi mimics the way hair grows naturally.

Key principles of doing FUT hair treatment in Delhi

Preservation of follicular viability

  • The follicular units which are dissected individually by the highly experienced surgical team are given utmost care.
  • In FUT hair transplant in Delhi, the dissection is done under high end microscopes to get maximum number of grafts from the strip.
  • In patients with thin hair, special care is given during dissection so as to keep the roots intact and extra fat tissue is kept around the follicular units to increase their survival rate.
  • The follicular units are kept in cold saline
  • During this treatment, the follicular units are not kept outside the body beyond 2 hours to increase the graft acceptance rate.

Ensuring natural look in the transplanted hair

  • FUT hair transplant aims to deliver a natural look through both ways i.e. by Follicular unit level and graft distribution level.
  • A Follicular unit consists of about 4 hair, thus the distribution of grafts is done in such a way that the patient gets maximum density.
  • The transplanted hair starts growing like your natural hair, it takes around 5-6 months to see the results of FUT hair transplant in Delhi.
  • In trichophytic closure hair grows through the scar line also. This is a special feature of FUT hair transplant where the patient does not get any significantly seen scar on the back side of the scalp.

Surgical planning in FUT hair transplant in Delhi

In FUT treatment, the density is given approximately 70-80 hair per square centimetre. This actually allows surgeon to make an accurate estimation about number of follicular units which can be obtained from a strip of a given thickness. Usually, patient’s donor area is having enough density of hair. The surgeon may advice suitable treatment if the density of hair is less. This is one of the advantages in FUT hair transplant in Delhi, that the patient with less donor area or with thin hair would give a good number of grafts without compromising the donor density at the back. If in the same case FUE surgery is done then the donor density is compromised to a great extent at the back. So choosing a right technique and right number of grafts is very important for a successful and result oriented hair transplant surgery.

Minimizing trauma in FUT treatment

To stimulate normal hair growth after transplanting, the trauma caused during the FUT treatment has to be curtailed. This is achieved by trimming the spare tissues around the follicular units and then inserting into the small ports in bald area. The surgical expertise in FUT hair transplant in Delhi is very important to avoid any trauma to the patient. The surgeon should have a good knowledge of all the anaesthesia involved and cutting & suturing. At Satya skin & hair transplant clinic this type of treatment is done under Zero pain anaesthesia technique so the patient does not encounter much pain and the whole surgery goes uneventful.

Mega session of FUT hair transplant in Delhi

In FUT treatment, yes of course surgeon can transplant large number of grafts in a single sitting. Up to 4000 grafts can be done in a single day. The large number of grafts compensates for the shedding of hair called telogen effluvium. Scar line is very minimal in FUT treatment and natural hair grows through it. Healing is very fast. The patient can shampoo his head after 4th day of the surgery and he can go back to his workplace on the very next day of the surgery- as we do not shave off the scalp, so the social downtime is minimized.FUT hair transplant in Delhi is done by only very few experienced surgeons.


  • In FUT hair transplant, hair is harvested as strip and dissected with the help of special microscopes to get follicular units.
  • In FUE a specialized punch (instrument) which is less than 1 mm thick is used to remove follicular units from scalp.
  • FUE does not leave any scar, causes relatively less bleeding, less discomfort and requires no sutures.
  • FUT treatment procedure leaves a very minimum scar line but hair growth is seen in that area. It is also closed using Trichophytic closure.
  • The experience of the hair transplant team, combined with the quality of the extracted graft is the most important factor which determines the success of a FUT hair transplant in Delhi.
  • This type of transplant can harvest more number of grafts as compared to FUE so FUT hair transplant should be the choice of treatment for patients with higher grades of Baldness.
  • FUT procedure can also be combined with beard/body hair transplant so get more number of grafts in a single session.
  • Once a FUT hair transplant surgery is done in a patient, then in future (If required) another FUT or FUE treatment can also be done.