Non Surgical Hair Transplant

Hair loss at any stage is an emotionally stressful disease that makes people vulnerable. Treatment of baldness at early stages is essential to stop it forever.  Patients who are at the early stages of baldness do not need any surgical treatment as it can be easily managed with nonsurgical procedures. Easy to perform and carry out, Non Surgical Hair Replacement solutions absolutely safe and painless. These treatments not only aid in preventing the progression of baldness but also help in making the existing hair grow thicker. Ideal for males and females, these procedures only require a few sessions that are repeated once in a week or a month as per the treatment we choose. In addition, patients who have poor donor area are also highly benefitted from these treatments.

PRP: PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, an innovative non surgical treatment. This is completely safe, effective baldness treatment that accelerates the transplanted hair follicle growth and improves skin in the donor and recipient area. It is done giving two to three injections in 6 months to the patients.

Stem Cell Treatment: Stem cell Non Surgical Hair Transplant treatment has a promising future in the domain of hair treatment. Although a lot of work has to be done in this field.

Hair Cloning: Hair Cloning is an ideal treatment for bald people as this process includes multiplication of number of hair using cloning method. In this method, a very small number of hairs are taken to create innumerable hair follicles. This ensures excellent coverage with unlimited supply of donor hair. As some research is yet to be done in this field, so you should beware of those fake clinics, who are claiming giving you this treatment.

Mesotherapy: In Mesotherapy Non Surgical Hair Replacement treatment, vitamin injections mixed with some growth factors are injected into the scalp directly in the hair roots. This is a safe, painless therapy needs only few sessions to increase the volume of hair. It enhances the quality, quantity and shine of the lifeless hair

Dermaroller: Dermaroller is a collagen stimulating treatment in which a roller with fine needles is rolled onto your scalp and afterwards medicine solution is applied to the scalp. This process is ideal to increase the blood flow in the roots and enhance the penetration of the medicine deeper into the skin.

Laser Assisted Hair Regrowth (Laser Comb): Laser Assisted Hair Regrowth is the latest Non Surgical Hair Replacement method that also known as photo-biostimulation. This miraculous treatment is done using laser light to deliver energy to the hair follicle that in turn increases the blood flow and circulation in the scalp.

Hair Weaving: Hair Weaving Treatment is advised to those patients, who cannot undergo any of the above procedures due to skin conditions or any other reason. This is the best, safest and highly efficient option to cover large areas of baldness within a few minutes.

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