FUE Repair Surgery 1500 Grafts

Mr. Kerela (Name changed) had a history of a past surgery from a well known center in south India. But he was not satisfied with the hair growth and the hair line too. It was not dense at all and was not natural by any standards. He thought he was better before the surgery as he had to hide the plugs which were formed because of surgery. Most of the times he used to think about the unnatural looks which he got from the previous surgery.

He came to know about us via internet and was impressed seeing the natural looking results and the quality of transplant procedure done by Dr. Shaiil Gupta. He also saw a lot of repair cases done at our clinic. There was one more concern as he was a student, he didn’t want anybody in his college to know about the surgery. Last time when he was operated he had to take leave for 20 days.

Then he had a consultation with Dr.Shaiil for this kind of esthetic requirement. We convinced him that nothing would be visible to anybody and from the third day he will be able to resume his college. Things went exactly the same way. We did a FUT  Repair surgery 1500 grafts for him. He was very happy with FUE results as nothing was visible even the very next day. The patient joined his college from the third day. His seven months post op pictures show good dense hair growth. The plugs which were visible were also corrected during the surgery so he had absolutely natural looking hair growth.

Name:  Mr. Kerela (Name Changed)
City/Country: South/ India
Baldness:  Grade III
Treatment: Repair Surgery
Grafts: 1500

Some of the snaps before FUE Repair Surgery

Snaps immediately after FUE Repair

After seven months of Repair Surgery