Dr. Dhinesh from Chennai had undergone a hair transplantation surgery at Chennai, but unfortunately he didn’t have any significant hair growth as seen in pre operation op pictures. He was very apprehensive about the surgery because of his past experience. He had a very bad scar at the back side.

After proper investigations and counseling, he decided to go ahead with Follicular Unit Extraction procedure with us. We did FUE 3500 grafts using scalp as the donor area. We also planted grafts in the scar of previous surgery. Initial results were very encouraging. Within 4 months only he had very nice and uniform coverage in the bald area. The donor scar also disappeared with around 260 grafts. Dr. Dhinesh had very good coverage at 7 months when he came for a touch up session. The hairline was quite dense and natural looking. Dr. Dhinesh was very happy with the FUE hair transplant 3500 grafts results of his surgery. He is a confident man now.

Name:Dr Dhinesh

City/Country:Delhi/ India

Baldness:Grade V



Surgery Date:30.Mar.2013

Some of the snaps of Dhinesh before FUE

Dhinesh after seven months of FUE Hair Transplant