FUE Hair Transplant: 1000 Grafts

Mr. Andrew (Name changed) had bitemporal recession of hairline. He was having grade 2 Androgentic alopecia. He was very much concerned about his looks. He had taken many treatments but nothing worked for him. He wanted to hide his identity and also wanted to take a procedure which could not be shown to the other people. At Satya everything is possible; all challenges are accepted with an open heart.

After a thorough counseling with Dr. Shaiil he decided to go for FUE Hair Transplant 1000 Grafts in the bald area. All the grafts were placed without trimming the original hair; in fact the donor area was shaved off in such a way that all the donor sites which were trimmed were well covered with hair. Every possible care was taken to avoid its visibility to other people. Taking care of all his esthetic looks hair line was given to him. The donor area as seen 15 days post op. showed very little scarring and 6 months post op hair growth was excellent. Mr. Andrew was very satisfied with the hair line he got bu Follicular Unit Extraction Technique

Name: Mr. Andrew (Name changed)

City/Country: Delhi/ India

Baldness: Grade V


Grafts: 1000

Some of the snaps before FUE Surgery

Snaps immediately after FUE Surgery

15 Days after Surgery

Six months after surgery

Donor area immediately after FUE Surgery

Donor area after 15 days