FUE Hair Transplant 1500 Grafts SUMIT

Sumit had already undergone a transplantation procedure with some other brand. That was a FUT procedure and the hair didn’t grow well. He had visited us also, but he didn’t get the transplant at our clinic as he found our rates little expensive. He was getting the same number of grafts at some other clinic at much lesser cost. So he went ahead with the surgery there. But after the failure of the surgery he came to us.

It is important to note that the quality of hair transplant procedure is different at different centers. Sometimes patients prefer to choose hair transplant clinic only on the basis of transplant cost. They not only loose their money and time but also the permanent donor hair. So it is very important to judge the quality of the procedure and the qualification of the doctor. Many clinics are run by businessmen and they get the surgeries done by some technicians or untrained doctors, so you cannot expect them to deliver results.

We did a repair surgery of Sumit with 1500 grafts by FUE method. The results were amazing. He got very dense hair line and a nice shape. He was very happy with the results. He says that it is important to choose a good hair transplant surgeon in the beginning itself and costing should not be the only decisive factor. We come across so many patients who do the same mistake and fall in the trap of very lucrative cost or unlimited grafts offer. Almost all of them come for repair surgeries later on.

Name:Mr Sumit

City/Country:Delhi/ India

Baldness:Grade V

Treatment: FUE


Sumit before FUE Surgery

Immediately after FUE Surgery

Sumit 7 Month after Surgery