FUE Hair Transplant 2000 Grafts

Mr. Prashant had grade 4 baldness affecting the front and crown of his head. He was already taking Hair loss treatment from us. The treatment worked and his hairloss and thinning which was a big problem for years was under control now. So he was happy and satisfied with the medical treatment. He decided to go ahead with a transplantation procedure with us. We did 2500 grafts by FUE method.

The surgery was good, painless and done in a single session. The post op recovery was also smooth. His 10 days post op pictures show good recovery and excellent coverage of the bald area. He was also very satisfied with the way things went. The implanted hair then fall and usually by the end of three months almost all the implanted hair fall. His four month post op pictures show early signs of hair growth. The eight months follow up pictures show good and dense hair growth. All the implanted hair had started growing. The coverage improves with time. Mr. Prashant and his family were very happy with the results. He has recommended our name to many of his friends and relatives for transplantation procedure.

Name: Mr. Prashant

City/Country:Delhi/ India

Baldness: Grade V


Grafts: 2500

Some of the snaps before FUE Surgery

Snaps 10 days after FUE Surgery

Four months after Surgery

Eight months after surgery

Twelve months after FUE