FUE Hair Transplant: 3000 Grafts

Mr. Nitin had grade 4 male baldness affecting the frontal area and the crown. He had undergone many treatments including medical treatments and some procedural treatments at many clinics but no treatment was effective. He came to us by reference of his friend who had already taken a transplant session at our clinic. His friend was very happy and satisfied with the results.

He had inquired at many centers before coming to us. Although he was getting the same number of grafts at other clinics at much less cost, but he was not convinced about the quality and results there.

Nitin was convinced and he decided to go for the quality. He decided to go for the surgery at Satya, a name which you can trust. We did 3000 grafts by FUE method. Immediate post op picture shows nice and uniform coverage of the bald area. Three months post op pictures show early signs of hair growth. Only in 6 months time Nitin had excellent and most natural looking hair growth. The bald areas were covered with thick lush hair. Nitin is very happy with the results. His friends are amazed to see a big change in his looks and personality. Another happy member of Satya family.

Name: Mr Nitin

City/Country:Delhi/ India

Baldness:Grade V



Before and After Pics

Snaps of Nitin before FUE Surgery

Three Month after FUE Surgery

Six Months after FUE Surgery

One Year after FUE Surgery