FUE Hair Transplant 3000 Grafts Sahil

Sahil had already undergone a session of hair transplant somewhere else when he came to us. He had very minimal growth of hair from that session. The hair growth was light, at wayward angles and unnatural. He also had a big scar at the back of head because of the previous surgery.

His case was difficult because of the scarring in the donor area as well as at the recipient area. We had a lot of things to do in his case. But because of monetary constraints he decided to go for 3000 FUE grafts only. we took grafts from the scalp as well as beard. We had also put some grafts in the donor scar of the previous surgery. Grafts were placed in such a way that the front and the crown area were covered densely. A very small number was put in the middle area.

Within a week the donor area healed nicely. Five months post op pictures showed good coverage from front, sides and crown (all the areas where grafts were put). He was very happy with the results and it will improve further.

Name:Mr Sahil

City/Country: Delhi/ India

Baldness:Grade V


Grafts: 3000

Sahil before FUT Hair Transplant Surgery

Sahil One weeks after Surgery

Sahil Five Months after FUE Surgery

Beard Donor Area After 5 Months of Surgery