FUE Hair Transplant 3500 grafts Dr Umang

At Satya Hair Transplant Clinic, there is a highly dedicated team of experts who work diligently towards providing the safest and most efficient hair transplant procedures for our patients, using state of the art technology. In consequence of this, most of our patients are happy and satisfied with the results. This patient oriented approach has made it possible for Satya to emerge as a preferred clinic for hair transplant procedures. An illustration of this patient satisfaction is the case of Mr. Umang from Delhi who came to Satya for the treatment of Grade VI androgenic alopecia.

Before he came to Satya in September 2012, Mr. Umang had already undergone a hair restoration surgery in the past, to correct his condition. That surgery had proved to be unsuccessful and the patient was highly disappointed by it. The results of that surgery were far from satisfaction as very few hairs grew from the scalp, and the hair that did grow, were wayward in direction. The crown area, which is of vital importance, had almost no hair growing.

As a result of this, he was highly apprehensive when he came to us and was doubtful whether or not to carry on with the procedure. However, after having a detailed discussion with the team of experts, his doubts turned to faith and he decided to undergo the surgery. The method decided upon by the doctors was the FUE (follicular Unit Extraction) method.

The doctors at Satya diligently carried out an implantation of 3500 grafts in a single session. These grafts were extracted from his scalp as well as from his beard. The healing of the donor area in this case was relatively very fast, the scar healing almost completely in 10 days after the operation. In just a week’s time, the implanted hair rapidly began to grow, giving him a good filling effect and considerable density of hair. The coverage went from good to excellent after five months of the surgery.

The main problem area in the case of this patient was the crown area, which had absolutely no hair. Now, it shows very good coverage even with a very short hair cut. The scarring in the donor area is also minimum in this case. The experts at Satya are very happy to have helped Dr. Umang regain his confidence.




Treatment: FUE


Date: 8.Sep.2012

Umang before FUE Surgery

Snaps immediately after FUE

Dr Umang 10 Days after FUE

Five months after surgery

Ten months after FUE Hair Transplant

Donor area image we have used beard for donor hair