FUT and Synthetic hair implant

Satya Hair Transplant Clinic is a fast growing center for Hair transplant procedures, highly preferred by patients due to the variety of procedures that can be carried out under a single roof. It has managed to establish itself as a reputed clinic, based on the immense satisfaction of the customers who choose to undergo transplantation here. One such person who came to the clinic recently was Mr. Ankit (name changed), from Delhi who was suffering from Grade V baldness when he first came to the clinic.

It was a case of diffuse baldness, which is a defect that is spread throughout the scalp, almost entirely covering the full head. This caused a paucity of hair in the donor area too, at the backside of his head where from hair is usually extracted. Mr. Ankit had very little body hair too. Due to the kind of problem that he faced, it was very difficult to extract a large number of donor hairs, due to which it became essential to carry out the procedure in the best possible manner with a limited number of grafts that could be extracted.

The team of experts at Satya had a detailed discussion among themselves as well as with the patient. With Mr. Ankit’s consent, the team came to a concurrent decision that it would be necessary to use some amount of synthetic hair in combination with natural hair transplantation, to meet the deficiency that would otherwise be faced. A combination of techniques has to be used. The procedure was commenced with an implantation of 1500 grafts using the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) method. This was soon followed by another 1500 grafts using the FUE (Follicular Unit extraction) method.

After a period of 8 months had passed, we observed good hair growth from the grafts that had been implanted and decided to do another implant of 3000 grafts of biofibre Implant. Thus, within a period of 9 months, Mr. Ankit had a very good coverage of his bald spots and was extremely satisfied with the results.

The experts at Satya Clinic made it possible for complete coverage to be achieved even with the limited availability of the grafts, using a rather complicated technique that combined the use of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and Biofibre Implantation to achieve the best possible result for the patient, given the limited resources.

He was very satisfied after completion of the treatment.

Name:Mr. Ankit (name changed)

City/Country:Delhi/ India

Baldness:Grade V

Treatment:Mix of Natural and Synthetic Hair Implant


Some of the snaps of Ankit before Mix Natural and Synthetic Hair Implant

Snaps of Ankit after Mix Natural and Synthetic Hair Implant