FUT Hair Treatment 2500 Grafts George

George (Name changed) had bitemporal recession of the hairline. He had quite broad forehead. After trying so many treatments and spending a lot of money and time on his hair loss treatments, he came to us. He had actually visited our site and was impressed with the results. He met Dr. Shaiil Gupta. All his doubts and fears were listened very patiently by the doctor and all his questions were answered. He met few previously operated patients also on the day of consultation. He was very much convinced and decided to go for FUE surgery at Satya.

We did 2500 grafts by FUE method in a single session. The surgery was painless. Post op period went very well. He resumed his office duties the very next day. The donor area healed in 4 to 5 days. Within 3 months he had signs of early growth. Nine months post op pictures show good coverage and it is going to improve further in few months. George is very happy with his changed looks.

Name:Mr. George (Name Changed)

City/Country:Delhi/ India

Baldness: Grade V

Treatment: FUT


Some of the snaps of George before FUT Surgery

Snaps five months after FUT Surgery