FUT hair transplant :3000 Grafts

Tarun had grade 7 androgenetic alopecia. Like other patients he had also tried many treatments before coming to us. We examined his donor area which was followed by a detailed discussion regarding the treatment options. Many things were taken into consideration like the donor hair density, hairline, budget and patient expectations. Finally we decided to do 3000 grafts by FUT method in the frontal area only. We did single session by FUT method.

Within 2 weeks only tarun was showing good dense coverage of the bald area. He was very happy with the way things were going. In next 6 months he had his frontal area full of hair. Usually it takes around one year for full regrowth of transplanted hair, but at Satya because of our growth stimulating techniques in most of our cases we see growth as early as 6 months. Tarun, his family and friends all are very happy with the results and are part of ever-growing Satya’s family.

Name:Mr Tarun

City/Country:Delhi/ India

Baldness:Grade VII



Tarun before FUT Surgery

Two weeks after FUT Surgery

Three months after Surgery

Tarun six months after surgery

Tarun snaps after eleven months