FUT Hair Transplant 1500 Grafts Mr Ajay

Mr. Ajay came to Satya clinic with androgenic alopecia grade 3. He had baldness affecting the frontal forelock and the sides. He wanted to restore his lost hair and choose to go for a 1500 grafts with FUT Strip method. Surgery was performed and trichophytic closure was given at the donor area to avoid scarring. This is a special technique which requires a lot of expertise, but the results are amazing. The resultant scar is hardly visible and it is as good as no scar surgery. As visible in this case the donor scar says the whole story.

The surgery went very uneventful and the patient was very satisfied with Strip Method Hair Transplant 1500 grafts. Immediate post op pictures show nice coverage of the area. His four months post op pictures show early growth of hair which was absolutely natural looking. Six months post op pictures show dense hair growth and a satisfying hairline. The patient was very elated and recommended his brother for the hair transplant as well.

Name:  Mr. Ajay
City/Country: South/ India
Baldness:  Grade III
Treatment: Repair Surgery
Grafts: 1500

Some of the snaps before FUT Surgery

Snaps immediately after FUT Surgery

7 Days after FUT

Four months after Surgery

Six months after surgery

Donor scar not visible after FUT Surgery