At Satya Hair Transplant Clinic, a team of experts dedicate their time and resources at developing and perfecting procedures to give our customers the best possible results. An example of this is Mr. Mehta from Delhi, who underwent a hair transplant procedure (Follicular Unit Transplant) to cure his Grade 7 frontal baldness, about six months ago and is now very happy with the results. Initially, Mr. Mehta was quite apprehensive, whether to undergo a hair transplant procedure, because he did not have access to the right sources to guide him.

When he came to Satya Hair Transplant Clinic he was introduced to Dr. Shaiil, with whom he had a detailed discussion about the options available for him and the course of treatment to be followed. The patient was clearly explained the method to be followed for the surgery (Follicular Unit Transplant). Our reassurances gave Mr. Mehta the confidence he needed, and he finally decided to undergo the transplantation procedure.

The patient wanted to treat his frontal baldness with the minimum number of grafts required. With the expertise of the professionals at Satya, this was accomplished in 1700 grafts only, which was a challenge as the case proved to be a Grade 7 case. Using the Follicular Unit Transplant method, the frontal part of his skull was successfully covered with natural looking hair, producing excellent results. However, the hairline was kept a little high, due to the limited number of grafts as well as the patient’s older age.

The surgery was done under Zero Pain Anesthesia TM Technique of Satya, so it was very comfortable, causing barely any pain or discomfort with a relatively short recovery time and no post-operational complications. As the time went by, every month, the coverage of the patient’s scalp kept increasing, and he felt quite contented with the results.

Now, after six months of having undergone the surgery, Mr. Mehta is very happy and satisfied with the results. The front scalp coverage is excellent, and the quality of the hair regrown is also quite good. Even with his age, and the substantially small number of grafts, the professionals at Satya Hair Transplant Clinic, have done a very good job using the Follicular Unit Transplant method. Since the surgery, the patient has gained a lot of confidence, and he feels much younger and more energetic. His only regret is that he wishes he had undergone the procedure earlier.

Name: Mr. Mehta

City/Country: Delhi/ India

Baldness:Grade VII

Treatment: FUT


Mr Mehta before FUT Surgery at our clinic

Mr Mehta two weeks after FUT Surgery

Three months after surgery

Mr Mehta after four months of FUT

Mehta six months after FUT

Mr Mehta after 8 months of FUT surgery

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