FUT Hair Transplant 2000 Grafts Abid

Mr. Abid is a 24 yr old male came to clinic Satya for a better and new hair look. Unfortunately because of hair loss he used to look much older. He had come to us after meeting a lot of hair transplant surgeons. He was quite confused as different doctors had suggested him different methods and number of grafts for fuller head. He was confused about the method as some doctors were in favour of FUE and some in favor of FUT-Follicular Unit Transplant.

It is important to understand that the final outcome of the surgery does not depend upon the method but it depends upon the way it is done. At some places doctors are not comfortable doing one or the other method of transplantation so they generally recommend the one which they are more comfortable with. And in some centers because of the commercial angle they promote one specific method.

According to Dr. Shaiil the choice should be left with the patient only and he should be given the correct overview of benefits and drawbacks of all the available treatment options. The best part is we at Satya have been doing all kinds of hair restoration surgeries ranging from natural hair transplant to synthetic hair implant, FUT to FUE, Body hair transplant to Beard hair transplant and PRP Hair Treatment to Hair weaving. To the best of our knowledge all these facilities are not available in any other center in India.

So after a thorough discussion Mr. Abid decided to go for an FUT Strip Method Hair Transplant 2000 Grafts . One week post op pictures show nice coverage of the bald area. Six months post op pictures show good coverage of the bald area. The patient was very happy with the results. He also recommended many of his friends to us for surgery.

Name: Mr. Abid
City/Country: Manipur/ India
Baldness: Grade V
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 2000

Snaps of Abid before FUT Surgery

Snaps One Week after FUT Surgery

Abid Six Month after FUT Surgery