FUT Hair Transplant 2000 Grafts Ketan Tomar

Mr. Ketan had recession of hairline from the front and sides. He had a broad forehead and in the center the hairline was curved or round, which was making him look old. So he wanted to change his looks. He was under our treatment for past 6 months for hair loss. The treatment worked and his hair loss was stabilized. Ketan was happy with the results of medicinal treatment he decided to go for FUT Hair Transplant 2500 Grafts at Satya Hair Transplant Clinic.

After thorough discussion about the kind of hairline and density Ketan wanted to have, we decided to do 2000 grafts by Follicular Hair Transplant method. The surgery was done in a single session. Immediate post op pictures show the areas where hair were transplanted. Eight months post op pictures show nice and good natural looking coverage of the bald area. Patient was very happy and satisfied with the results.

Name: Mr Ketan
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness: Grade V
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 2000

Snaps of Ketan before FUT Surgery

Snaps immediately after FUT Surgery

Ketan Eight Month after FUT Surgery

Ketan Ten months after FUT surgery