FUT Hair Transplant: 2000 Grafts

Satya Hair Transplant Clinic has established its name as a state of the art center for hair transplant, providing case-specific treatment plans for all its patients. The procedures carried out are with great precision and care, and the clinic takes perpetual measures to keep improving the methods used and the techniques used. The patients that undergo treatment at Satya are highly satisfied. An illustration of this is the case of Mr. Hamid (name changed), a resident of Afghanistan who came to Satya to correct his Grade IV frontal baldness caused by androgenic alopecia, who is now a very happy and satisfied patient after his treatment.

Mr. Hamid is a resident of Afghanistan. He suffered from a significant thinning of hair, affecting the frontal part of his scalp. Before Satya, he had consulted a number of hair transplant clinics in both Afghanistan and India, but none of the procedures had worked for him so far and he was in utter dismay. He met Dr. Shaiil, who explained to him in great detail the procedures to be followed and how the treatment would work. Finally convinced, he decided to undergo the procedure.

This case was of Grade IV androgenic alopecia and after thorough evaluation and examination, the team of experts decided that the best course of action would be a transplant of 2000 grafts using an FUT (follicular Unit Transplant) by the strip method. The density of hair in the donor area was relatively high in this patient. The major point under consideration for this specific case was that the patient did not wanted anyone to find out that he had undergone any kind of transplant procedure. Keeping this in mind, we implanted the new hair in between the existing hair itself without shaving the hair off, and complemented the procedure by performing a Trichophytic closure to completely disguise the scar.

When he came for a follow up visit to the clinic after a period of five months following the procedure, he had an excellent coverage of his bald patches and immense density of hair in the thinned area. There was a beautiful central puff of hair (transplanted hair) that had grown. This gave a very natural look.

Mr. Hamid is now very happy with the result, as the team of experts at Satya successfully performed the procedure, fulfilling the patient’s request that nobody should find out about the procedure, while at the same time delivering good quality results.

Name: Mr Hamid

City/Country: Afghanistan

Baldness: GradeIV

Treatment: FUT


Some of the snaps of before FUT Surgery

Snaps immediately after FUT Surgery

Snaps 5 months after FUT

Donor scar images