FUT Hair Transplant 2800 Grafts

At the age of twenty-five, Gaurav from Delhi recognized that his hair loss problem made him bald from the frontal area. Baldness at this very young age made him quite depressed. He was so frustrated and uncomfortable with his problem that he stopped going out, meeting his friends and living his life in a normal way. After the consultation, he was diagnosed with Grade 5 androgenic alopecia or Male pattern baldness. This is a very common form of hair loss in men that affects about 70% of the male population. This type of baldness starts at the temples and advances to the Vertex.

He tried varied methods and solutions to get rid of this problem. From Ayurvedic to homeopathic, he approached every single treatment. But, the result was the same.

Once, he visited the website of Satya Hair Clinic. The experience of doctors and positive patient’s review of this clinic gave him a hope.

When he visited Satya Hair Transplant Clinic, the results were much better than he expected. Proper investigation and study of his condition was done to give him the right treatment as per his situation. Within two months, he noticed a considerable reduction in hair loss and that gave him enough faith to undergo a Hair Transplant surgery. After getting complete satisfaction, he decided to avail FUT 2700 grafts. We discussed the hairline and density in detail with him to proceed to transplant 2700 grafts by the FUT method.

In the post op pictures of just two weeks, his hair thickness and density in the reciepient area can be seen that are very excellent. After 6 months, the entire bald area was covered with transplanted hair that looked absolutely natural.During the surgery,Trichophytic closure was done to make hair start growing normally through the scar tissue also which is visible in 3 months scar picture.The scar line is barely visible Now only within 6 months after his surgery, he regained his youthful character and confidence that can be clearly seen in the post op pictures. .

Today, he is very thankful to Satya to transform his life and give his youth back!

Name: Gaurav
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness: Grade V
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 2700

Some of the snaps of Gaurav befor FUT Surgery

Snaps immediately after FUT Surgery

Gaurav two weeks after Surgery

Gaurav two months after surgery

Gaurav snaps after three months

Gaurav snaps after four months of FUT

Gaurav snaps after 5 months of FUT

Gaurav after 6 months of FUT

Gaurav eight months snaps after FUT

Donor scar images