FUT Hair Transplant: 2860 Grafts

Ankit had visited many clinics before coming to us. He had a broad forehead and bitemporal recession of hairline. We advised him for around 1800 grafts. But at some renowned clinic he was told that he requires only 800 grafts. So the patient was in a dilemma. This is an important point which we want to highlight as the number of graft which are suggested to by any doctor depend upon many factors like the capability of surgeon to do big sessions and place the graft close enough to give you good density.

The patient was told by the other doctor that it is impossible to plant that many grafts in the given area and we are cheating him. We took it as a challenge and did Follicular Unit Transplantation 2860 Grafts Hair Transplant in a single session. The surgery went very well. Immediate post op pictures show good dense coverage. The recovery was very fast. The wound was closed using trichophytic closure. The donor scar was hardly visible as seen in the picture.

The patient was very happy and satisfied with the FUT Hair Transplant. His nine months post op pictures show very dense and natural looking hairline. According to Ankit, he feels so happy that he stuck to the decision of transplantation at Satya. His life is changed after the surgery.

Name: Mr Ankit
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness: Grade V
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 2860

Snaps of Ankit before FUT Surgery

After Nine Months of FUT Surgery

Donor scar image