FUT Hair Transplant 3000 Grafts

Hemant had frontal baldness and he had already undergone a transplantation surgery at some other center. The result of the previous surgery was not very satisfactory. He had some growth of hair but it was not dense. He had the scar of previous surgery at the back of head. We specialize in doing repair surgeries. After proper examination and discussing the expected hairline and density we decided to go for 2000 grafts by FUT method.

We included the scar of the previous surgery in the new strip so that patient ended up having only one linear scar. Trichophytic closure technique was used to stitch the wound because of which even in the second surgery the scar was very thin and hardly visible. Hair were growing through the scar tissue. The surgery went very well and according to hemant, it was absolutely painless comparing to his previous surgery. He had very good and uniform coverage.

Within three months significant growth was visible in the entire transplanted area. Within six months he had good coverage and hair grew in length. We use some special storage solutions and inject some growth factors at the time of surgery because of which hair grow at a faster rate and attain good thickness and length in short time. Hemant is very happy with the growth. Many of his friends don’t even recognize him now. It is an amazing transformation for him.

Name:  Mr. Hemant
City/Country: Delhi/ India
Baldness:  Grade V
Treatment: FUT
Grafts: 2000

Some of the snaps of Hemant before FUT Surgery

Snaps after 3 months of FUT Surgery

After 5 months of FUT Surgery