PRP treatment in Kamla Nagar

Hair loss is a very common problem increasing day by day. Lots and lots of patients, both male and female are getting affected.

Hair is such an important part of our personality, that no doubt losing hair is so disheartening.

It also affects people from every walk of life.

Though many treatment modalities are available to treat hair loss, including ayurvedic, homeopathic and allopathic medicines besides the home remedies, But none of them gives concrete results.

Many treatments have also been tried for hair regrowth including mesotherapy, stem cell treatment, laser hair treatment and many more. But most of these treatments either don’t give any result or at times in a few number of patients very minor result, which is not worth the money, time and energy which the patient spends on these treatments.

PRP treatment really fills the void well. Here we take activated platelets from the patient’s own blood and inject the cells directly in the hair roots.

A lot of new blood vessels are formed and due to improved blood circulation, the quality and texture of hair improves tremendously.

We notice decrease in the hair fall rate within a month and the hair also grow in length at a faster rate with PRP treatment.

PRP treatment is also done for facial rejuvenation also known as vampire facelift and gives really amazing glow and anti-aging effect.

PRP treatment is being done at Satya hair clinic at Kamla Nagar for more than 4 years and the results and patient satisfaction is of high grade. Please call us at our Clinic or visit us to fix an appointment.

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