PRP treatment in Pitam Pura

Many people are facing hair loss at a much faster pace in Delhi. Reasons are inumerable, like Pollution,stress,hormonal imbalance,deficiency of micronutrients etc. The main aim to control and treat hair fall should aim at recognising the cause/etiology of hair loss in that specific patient and commencement of appropriate treatment according to that.

PRP treatment is one such kind of treatment for hair, that not only aims at reducing the hair fall of the patient but also helps in the regrowth of the lost hair. PRP treatment has got an edge over mesotherapy and stem cell treatments, as its mechanism of action is totally different from the rest of the two.

PRP treatment has evolved comparatively much better than Mesotherapy,Stem cell therapy and laser helmets.

The mechanism of PRP treatment involves new blood vessel formation which leads to collagen induction.PRP treatment is helpful for men/women of age groups 18 to 50 years. PRP treatment aims at:

  • New collagen induction
  • Hair fall control
  • Regrowth of new hair
  • Strengthening of dull and dead roots

Genesis of new hair by PRP treatment not only helps in getting back the hair of the patient but also helps in overall personality development and confidence of the patient. As hair is considered to be an integral part of our body,its esthetics should also be taken into consideration while choosing a good and result oriented treatment.

PRP treatment does not have any side effects as it is absolutely a natural therapy which involves extraction of patients own blood and then infusing the separated platelts on his hair for new hair regeneration.

At Satya skin laser & hair transplant clinic in Pitam Pura, PRP treatment is done according to the needs of the patient. The patient should be an ideal candidate for the PRP treatment. So a thorough consultation should be mandatory with the dermatologist before the commencement of the same to get desired results. Please call us at our clinic with address details below to fix up an appointment.

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