Salient Features of Satya’s Technique for FUE and FUT

Satya Hair Clinic is a specialized name offering surgical and non-surgical hair transplant benefits. We have a reputed and ethical clinic having modern tools, highly trained medical team and unmatched hospitality solutions. To provide maximum FUE and FUT hair transplant benefits, our team of doctors and surgeons work in professional way with personal care of patients. Our doctors give unique and highly beneficial perception on the professional as well as personal dimension of surgery and demands of the patients.

We provide exceptional and highly personalized treatments to the patients with extraordinary FUE and FUT hair transplant benefits. Our distinct techniques of hair restoration ensure best FUT hair transplant benefits:

One Stop Solution of All Techniques: To provide you maximum FUE and FUT hair transplant benefits, we are empowered by all the hair restoration techniques. We combine varied techniques like natural hair transplant with synthetic hair implant or hair weaving to give you the best possible results in the best manner.

Position Of The Grafts: The most important factor for maximum FUT hair transplant benefits is the placement of grafts. As this process is the deciding aspect of the surgery, utmost care should be taken in graft insertion. At Satya Hair clinic, we give absolutely natural looking hairline by correct placing of grafts & by keeping proper orientation of the angles & direction of the implanted hair, the same as that of the existing ones. This ensures maximum FUT hair transplant benefits to the patient.

Natural looking results: One of the key FUE and FUT hair Transplant benefits is their natural results. Precisely creating hairline and carefully placing of grafts make you able to attain what you always look for. Satya Hair clinic provides the most natural looking hairline to the patients with assurance of no loss in the future. The transplanted hair looks so natural and original that no one can tell about the surgery. This is a combination of art and science which is followed at Satya Hair clinic to deliver best FUT hair transplant benefits.

Fast recovery: The other advantage among the FUE and FUT hair transplant benefits is early recovery. After 4 days of surgery, you can shampoo your head. Scabs fall within a week and the stitches are generally absorbable or they can be removed on the 10-15th day of the surgery. You may feel a little bit of swelling on the forehead. You can easily go to your office from the very next day of surgery without letting anyone know about the surgery. So the major FUT hair transplant benefit is that the social downtime is comparatively reduced and the patient does not have to hide his scalp. While in case of FUE patients scalp has to be shaved off. If at all the procedure is of less than 1500 grafts then we do not have to fully shave off the head rather the donor scalp can be shaved off in layers so as to hide the trimmed areas beneath the natural hair. So this is another FUE & FUT hair transplant benefit with Satya hair clinic.

Swift growth and high quality of the transplanted hair: Swift growth of transplanted hair without any degradation in quality is counted among the best FUE and FUT hair transplant benefits. The transplanted hair increases in length for 1st few weeks & then fall by the end of 2 months. After 3 months, they start regrowing & then keep on increasing in length. Although appreciable results are seen by the end of 6 months but generally, it takes one year to gain the full growth of hair after FUT hair transplant surgery.

But, Satya Hair clinic understands your desperation for your hair and looks. Hence, we employ some specially formulated techniques to make your hair grow faster. FUT hair transplant benefits ensure to provide you with full regrowth of hair in just 6 to 8 months.

At Satya Hair clinic, thorough counselling is done to educate the patient regarding FUE and FUT hair transplant benefits. The patient should be aware of all the hair transplant techniques and he should take a informed decision regarding the choice of technique and number of grafts. Sometimes the patients are not at all aware of the FUT hair transplant benefits and they are forced to choose only one technique which is suggested to them. So with no other choice they have to undergo a procedure which is not meant for them and does not solve their purpose.

Visit Satya Hair clinic and educate yourself regarding all the FUE & FUT hair transplant benefits