Satya does not have multi city franchise centers; know why??

The quality of work at Satya clinic is so good because it is done by Dr. Shail Gupta and his best team. The doctor and his best team cannot travel so much as it is not feasible and too harsh on them. This will eventually compromise the real results which Dr. Shail and his team is delivering. Satya clinic is not commercial centres which run after only money. The art and the soul are very much visible in the work which we do. Opening Multi city franchise centres will never deliver the same quality which a doctor can give sitting at his one clinic.
Unfortunately there is only one Dr. Shail Gupta and he has only one best team. For such a positive transformation, travelling such distance is not very big issue.
Choose the best doctor who can give you the best results, and not the nearest centre which can actually not give you anything but only a Brand Name

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