Satya’s Procedure for FUE and FUT

Satya Hair Clinic transforms your life and looks forever with just one visit. Following are the steps of Satya’s one day procedure of FUE and FUT that can transform your life:

Initial Consultation:

The very first step of Satya’s safe and result oriented surgery of FUE and FUT is consultation. You can visit clinic for consulting. Moreover, you can also consult the experts online. At this step, our doctors and experts assess the grade of baldness and evaluate the number of grafts. Keeping in mind these factors along with future thinning, they decide expected hairline, density and the donor hair character.

Procedure Day:

After evaluating every single facet, further process starts. The procedure day includes the following:

Documentation: This is quite an important event as your hairline, density, hair style and future goals are discussed in details. Photographs are also taken to document the grade of baldness.

Hairline scheming “mimic nature hairline” TM: Once the hairline is decided, the crucial step comes. Designing a hairline is really the most difficult and artistic part of the entire procedure. Your complete looks depend on this step; hence it should be done very precisely by experts. At Satya, we do not believe in finishing the process, but we believe in giving you the most natural and original hair look. Therefore, we execute this process in a manner as if “you never lost them before” TM.

We promise to provide you with absolutely natural and undetectable hair line by keeping in mind possible future hair loss and the donor area limitations. We understand the fact that hairline is a transition zone, where the density gradually increases as we move inwards. We implant single follicle grafts in the frontal hairline followed immediately by 2 of 3 follicle grafts that ensures natural hairline and looks.

Frontal area just behind the hairline should have more density of hair. As we move little backwards, we place hair less densely to ensure more coverage.

Besides designing of hairline, creating holes for the grafts is also an important step. It has to be done following the direction of existing hair. In the crown areas and other parts of the head, where no thinned out hair is present, high level of skills and experience is required to mimic the natural hair growth.

Satya Hair Clinic has everything to provide you with natural hairline, unmatched hair growth and appealing looks.


Strip Removal: In this phase, hair in the donor area is trimmed cautiously to hide the stitch line from day one. Local anesthesia is administered in the donor area by a special Satya technique of “no pain anesthesia” TM. We ensure to provide you with absolutely painless procedure using advanced methods. Once the area becomes numb, a strip with desired number of grafts is dissected out of the scalp without dissecting the roots.


Graft Extraction: In this step, the donor area is shaved off completely with a razor. The donor area is shaved in such a manner that enough hair left behind. It can also be done in layers on patient’s request. This process is done very efficiently so that unshaved hair from the above cover the shaved off area well. As FUE is a no stitching procedure, individual follicular units are extracted from the donor site under local anesthesia.Small titanium punches around 0.8 to 1.0 cm in size is used to conduct this process. Every single precaution is taken to extract non transacted grafts to give you the best hair transplant results as well as outstanding density.

Trichophytic closure: Expert doctors and surgeons of Satya implement a trichophytic closure technique to stitch the wound. This special practice is carefully done to guarantee unmatched hair growth through the scar line as well. This technique is executed so precisely that thin and fine scars are hardly visible.

Preparation of follicular unit grafts: Strip is dissected by experienced technicians and nurses using microscopes having 10 to 20 times magnification. This is done very carefully to avoid any wastage and get highest yield of follicular units.


Implantation Procedure: As injections at the recipient site hurt a lot, Satya follows a “Satya zero pain anesthesia” TM technique, an absolutely painless method. When the area is numb, the doctor creates holes for graft placement. This crucial step is done with utmost care to give you the natural and best possible looks. After creating the holes, the grafts are planted in them very carefully without touching the roots by “Satya no touch technique”TM.

Post Procedure: Once the surgery is done, Satya provides its patients with complete written and oral post-operative instructions. We give instructions regarding care of the transplanted site, donor area, general medicines to take, about washing head, etc. After the surgery, you can return your home the same day. Even outstation patients can also go back the same day of surgery. Moreover, most of the patients can resume their office from the very next day.

After surgery, you have to wear the provided headband for next 3 to 4 days to avoid swelling on the forehead. You can start washing your head from the 3rd day. The scabs in the transplanted area take a week to fall.

You may feel little discomfort at the stitch site for 1 or 2 days, but it is taken care off well by the medicines. In addition, some patients may feel some stretching or numbness for a week or so. Stitches of FUT surgery are removed after 2 weeks. For the same, we can also use non absorbable sutures for wound closure as per the demand of the patients.