Stem Cell Treatment

Hair loss leaves a great impact on the human life. This difficult situation to handle affects your esteem and confidence. According to a study, around 60% of men experience hair loss at the age of 35. On the other hand, a new study about hair-follicle-generating stem cells brings hope in the human life.

Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss has become one of the highly effective therapies of hair loss with promising future. The Researchers of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have described the process by which they were able to convert adult cells into epithelial stem cells (EPSCS). They have published their results in Nature. This revolutionary way of using stem cells to regrow hair follicles is considered as a potential technique for combating baldness, but no one has been able to develop enough of these cells.

The studies of Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss were done on mice first. The results are very encouraging and positive. When EPSCS is injected into mice, the cells started regenerating cell types of human skin as well as hair follicles. They also created identifiable hair shafts. These results make the team believe to have a successful process of regrowing hair in humans.

This study has not applied on humans yet as the team has only solved one part of equation. A hair follicle has both epithelial cells and adult stem cell called dermal papillae. They have not been derived in humans till date. As this therapy has not been done on any human, you should beware of fake claims and proposals. Some people are giving just vitamin injections of no use by the name of stem cell treatment.

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