Synthetic Hair Transplant

Synthetic hair transplant for hair loss is not only easy but complete solution of baldness problem for both men and women. 100 Synthetic fibers are usually done in a test implant to understand the compatibility of the method for a particular patient and to rule out any foreign body reaction. The result through this implantation is evaluated after 3-4 weeks.After the evaluation of the test patch megassession of 5000 Biofibre hair implant in India can be done in a single day.. Biofibre hair implant is found to be durable for about 4 to 5 years. If number of Synthetic hair transplant for hair loss, to be implanted is more the process is carried out in more than one session and in each session about 5000 Biofibre hair implant can be done. There are two types,namely:

  • Biofibre (Italy)
  • NIDO (Japan)


  • Biofibre hair implant in India tend to be fragile during the first 4-5 days.
  • Biofibre hair transplant in India has a fall rate of 10-20 % per year, although it may vary a bit based on different cases.
  • Biofibre hair implant in India remains intact for a period of 2-3 years.
  • Follow up is necessary to have a longevity as regular cleaning of the crusts and sebum plugs is required in Biofibre hair implant in India

Important points

  • Hair of synthetic hair implant in India do not grow in length
  • Length of the synthetic hair is selected as per patient condition requirement.
  • Biofibre hair implant can be washed and combing can be done after 5 days.
  • Repeated implant of Biofibre hair is not harmful and as such the patient can recoup the fallen fibres every year, if needed.
  • Within few hours you can have your head covered with attractive hair of convenient length and different attributes like curly, straight, brown, golden etc. With Biofibre hair implant in India.

The patient should understand the post op care related to the biofire and Nido hair transplant in Delhi.

  • Cleaning of sebum plugs
  • Use of specialized shampoos and ointments as prescribed
  • Avoid salt water contact with the hair implant
  • Regular visit to the doctor

Synthetic hair transplant cost in India

Biofibre hair transplant cost in India is very variable. A patient who is interested in biofibre hair transplant in India should be aware of the basic protocol of the treatment .A test patch is mandatory with synthetic hair implant in India as in case there is any foreign body reaction then these Biofibre can be extracted out easily. There is a special Pull technique that has to be followed in case of Biofibre hair implant removal. Biofibre hair implant is not a permanent solution for baldness and it is suggested in those patients who have a scarcity of donor area at the back because of the failed natural hair transplant and people who want instant results. The two variants of synthetic hair implant are biofibre and nido and both of them are quite biocompatible with the human body. Biofibre is from Italy and Nido is from Japan . There is a basic difference in the thickness of the hair and the texture as well. The existing hair of the patient can be evaluated and then accordingly Biofibre or Nido hair transplant can be suggested to them.

Patients looking for Synthetic Hair Transplant should know about the full treatment procedure, its life span and its post operative care. It happens most of the time that people just keep on comparing Synthetic hair transplant cost everywhere and they turn a blind eye towards the quality of synthetic hair transplant in India. If the biofire hair transplant is done properly then it lasts for long and a very few hair can also give you a moderate coverage in patients who wants to opt for it for certain time period.

Synthetic hair transplant cost is a very crucial decisive factor for some patients. If you are not getting a work which is worth paying, so whatever Synthetic hair transplant for hair loss cost you paid will also go for a waste. Synthetic hair implant in Delhi is a combination of artistic and surgical skills. So a patient should be extra cautious while choosing their hair transplant clinic. The choice should not be only on the basis of Cost of Synthetic hair transplant.